Friday, February 20, 2009

A long way to the top.


Every thurty minutes my mood changes, i hate everything and ev eryone.

i feel like chicago ruined my emotions.
FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!

i hate alot of people.
not going to just get over it.

i want a fight with someone.

on another note the artshow at square one was the other day. it was moderate to say the least. some decent art, some not so decent. it is what it is. Jacksonville is like the retarded stepson to any real city.

i feel like i'm bombarded with emotions, with thoughts and with sex, SEX SEX SEX!!! if you arent having it, you shoudl be and if you are FUCK YOU!!!!
i hate sex, i hate the idea i hate the emotion involved or lack of, i hate the way people in this society view it, i hate the way my loved ones think about it, i hate how its the only thing anyone ever talks about, i hate everyone i've ever slept with, i hate everyone you've ever slept with, i fucking hate it. i hate it i hate you and you and you and you. i hope you all get every fucking disease and you come so hard your dick,balls,pussy,cunt,clit,asshole explode into a million pieces, then reform and fuck you in your own ass until you die.... FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK URSELF!!!


i want to bomb this city and everyone in it

i'll post picturs later of art and other stupid bullshit i've been doing, i'm fucking tired and ready to jump off a bridge.


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angela said...

why do you want my balls to fall off?