Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I've been on the web for too long.
lurking and looking at pictures.
next time i attempt to grow hair...someone should slap me.........that and next time i gain 40 pounds.

pictures are fun to look at.

in other news
today was shit
coming home to your dog you've had for almost 14 years laying stuck on her side not being able to not awesome.

we had to put her to sleep.
and i had to carry her in a towel to the ER,in order for them to ease her pain.


moving back to jacksonville has put my life in perspective.
i need to be in a big city for a while.(NYC)
i need the girl i miss the most right beside me.

Theres nothing more important in this life than to have someone you love more than anything. a person you can do everything and nothing with. a best friend.

soon enough.


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