Saturday, November 8, 2008


being born in the wrong generation is beguiling.
often things are said like "oh you have such an old soul"
i just hate the way society is.
you talk to people that were teens in the 50's and it seemed much more structured and people were less of assholes.

everything was better generations ago.

the economy

girls were less pretentious
and didnt dress like hookers

i just hate this generation...and moreso the generation after mine.

its a downhill plumet.

my generation has everything to proove and has to be the first to discover everything. hipster fuckers that only know how to drink fuck and do drugs. keeping record in pictures of the stupid things they do. this generation stands for nothing and doesn't give a shit about one another. its disheartening. we're an oversexed generation of american idiots. raised on television and video games.

it makes me sick to see all these kids doing nothing. getting there degrees in all ranges of things. Wasting the degree to work at a call center.

we're a generation that doesn't know how to not live off of mommy and daddy. its rediculous. i'm fed up with everyone and i just want to live like a hermit.

but what i will actually do is stand behind my politics and my opinions and i will try to spark change in peoples hearts and minds. it only takes one person that stands or something to change a generation.

we'll see what happens.

i'm sure those that read this will say "you seem as apathetic and rediculous as the rest of the generation" .

i never said i wasn't

but i'm trying to change it.

and i actually give a fuck about people......


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