Thursday, November 6, 2008

12:04 PM

had some technical difficulties with some screens today.

bought a camera.

found an awesome band

alaska in winter.

they're neato

i drank a big ass fullthrottle today and it fucked me up. i was wired for a while. good deal.
then i crashed.

oh how i crashed.
i felt like i was coming down from a binge of alcohol and sedatives.
it was intense.

usually energy drinks have no effect, but i believe it was the amount of drink that i partook in that intensed my life.

that was my day.

i'm accomplishing alot since i moved back. super stoked. theres lots of things missing, but the most important thing is oing art and getting it out there. right now nothing else matters.

not getting laid, not doing drugs not drinking, not bikes ,not girls, not clubs or friends.

the most imortant thing to me right now is my art. i know it sounds assholish but its how it has to be.


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