Monday, October 20, 2008

9:40 PM


I sit and think non-stop
i got my last paycheck today.
its enough to start a printing barage.

i'm excited.
i need a fucking bike,i feel rediculously lazy.

missing chicago more and more.
the people,the terrain,the bars and the routine.

you don't realize what you have until to give it all up.
God damn it.

i recite the same thing in my head "you did the right thing"

i need a drink. or six
a shot of whiskey and a beer would feel nice.

Tomorrow is the interview,it will make or brake my stay here in the butthole of america.

i'm excited for december.
although i hate the holidays.

time for television and mind numbing. six more cigarettes and bed time.

another adventure awaits me tomorrow.


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